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When you’ve found a photographer who shoots in a style you love, hop on google and check out the reviews. Reading the reviews on Google will help

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Five Tips to Follow When Hiring a Professional Photographer.

Mercy lost her original modeling portfolio in a recent move. The purpose of this photoshoot was to replace the lost photographs.  At this time many studios were closed due to covid so I decided to open my home to Mercy and set up a studio in my sitting and dining room. For this session, I […]

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Portrait Session in New York Home

We pulled up to the session location and it started to rain. Fortunately I keep an umbrella in my trunk. Lacey and Trent were amazing and such naturals, just look at these images. There is an undeniable magnetic force between them. Lacey and Trent just celebrated their 9 year wedding anniversary and have been together […]

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Anniversary Photoshoot in Schenectady New York