I started taking self portraits as a way to reconnect with myself.  I worked from home for a major insurance company and started to feel stuck. I needed something to for me; I began to truly embrace my body. I no longer saw stretch marks, the faded Linea Nigra from 3 pregnancies or the loose skin from losing and gaining weight. I felt connected, magical and began to love every inch of me. It has been my mission to create that same space for other women to embrace themselves.

I have photographed and celebrated clients during various stages in their lives. Creating a space for clients to dig deep and find the magic within and see themselves as works of art.   

I’ve invested in courses, conferences and workshops including but not limited to, Tomaiya Colvin’s Mastermind Mentorship Program and attended the 2021 Photo Cookout, Kesha Lambert’s Impact Workshop. I’ve gained knowledge in lighting composition and posing and client experience and much more.

I have affiliations with the Professional Photographers Association, Rising Tide, Tuesday’s Together.

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