My name is Rakiya, and I am a portrait photographer based in Upstate New York. I have been behind the lens for eight years, specializing in creating captivating portraits for my clients and capturing the essence of businesses and their owners. My passion for photography inspires me to infuse each frame with an editorial flair and a touch of avant-garde artistry. In 2019, I officially launched my photography business.

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me binge-watching TV shows cuddling with my husband, and reveling in the joy of raising three brilliant children and three lively standard poodles.

My journey as a photographer has been enriched by invaluable experiences, including attending Kesha Lambert's Impact Workshop, seeking mentorship from the remarkable Dr.Tomayia Colvin, and soaking up inspiration at The Photo Cook Out. These immersive encounters have not only refined my craft but also deepened my commitment to creating meaningful, soul-stirring portraits.

I have affiliations with the Professional Photographers Association, Rising Tide, Tuesday’s Together and voted Gigsters Top 10 photographers in New York.

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