About me


Hi! I’m Rakiya


As a busy mother of three working a full time job and running a business, I understand what it’s like to get so busy with the daily activities of life and neglecting your needs. I’ve struggled with thoughts of not being the “perfect” weight or having the ideal body type. There was a time when I wouldn’t allow anyone to take my photo. I started taking self portraits as a way to improve my skills as a photographer. I no longer saw flaws, I saw pixie dust, pure magic and began to love every inch of me. The last five years I have photographed and celebrated clients during various stages in their lives. Creating a space for clients to get into themselves and see themselves as works of art.   I’ve invested in countless courses, conferences and workshops Tomayia Colvin’s Mastermind Mentorship and Online Courses,Kesha Lambert’s Impact Workshop. I’ve gained knowledge in lighting composition and posing and client experience.I have affiliations with the Professional Photographers Association, Rising Tide, Tuesday’s Together.